Church History Bootcamp - Session 1

Early Church (70-529AD)(Session 1 of 4)


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For Christians, learning about the early church is like looking back into your family tree and learning about your ancestors. And like any family tree there are some good people and some you might want to distance yourself from.

The upheaval caused by Christianity in its first few centuries covered a huge range of topics:

– Persecution and Martyrdom
– The Death of the 12 Apostles
– The Apostolic Fathers
– The Roman Rulers During the Early Church Period
– Gnosticism
– Monasticism
– Apostolic Succession
– The Apostles Creed
– The Edict of Milan
– The Split Between the Western and Eastern Churches
– The Council of Nicea
– The Arian Controversy
– The Nicene Creed
– The Council of Chalcedon
– Apollinarianism
– Nestorianism
– Monophysitism

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Michael Patton, Tim Kimberley


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