Church History Bootcamp - Session 4

Modern Church (1650-2011AD)(Session 4 of 4)


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For Christians, learning about the early church is like looking back into your family tree and learning about your ancestors. And like any family tree there are some good people and some you might want to distance yourself from.

The changes to the church within the past few centuries have been nothing short of monumental:

– Albert Schweitzer
– Charles Darwin
– Charles H. Spurgeon
– Demythologization
– Ecumenicalism
– Evangelicalism
– Form Criticism
– Friedrich Schleiermacher
– Fundamentalism
– H. Richard Niebuhr
– Higher Criticism
– Liberalism
– Lower Criticism
– Modernism
– Postmodernism
– Redaction Criticism
– Science
– Scopes Monkey Trial
– Skepticism
– Source Criticism
– Text Criticism

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Michael Patton, Tim Kimberley


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