Church History Bootcamp - Session 3

Reformation Church (1516-1650AD)(Session 3 of 4)


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For Christians, learning about the early church is like looking back into your family tree and learning about your ancestors. And like any family tree there are some good people and some you might want to distance yourself from.

Not since the founding of Christianity by Jesus and His apostles was there such a doctrinally violent time:

– Papacy
– The Roman Catholic Church
– John Wycliffe
– John Huss
– The Avignon Papacy
– The Western Schism
– Alexander VI
– Pope Leo X
– Martin Luther
– John Calvin
– Black Death/Bubonic Plague
– Council of Florence
– The Rise of Islam
– The Invention of the Printing Press
– Desiderius Erasmus
– Indulgences
– Johann Tetzel
– St. Peter’s Basilica
– 95 Thesis
– Purgatory
– Diet of Worms
– Sola Scriptura
– Sola Fide
– Sola Gratia
– Solus Christus
– Soli Deo Gloria

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