Complete Theology Program DVD & Workbook Set


The study that launched all of the Credo House. More than 3,000 churches have benefited from the crucial foundational training found in The Theology Program. See the tabs below to get a detailed explanation of this foundational study for you, your family and your church.

Product Description

The Theology Program is an intense theological studies program, designed for busy people who may never go to seminary but who want deep theological training. While there are many great subjects, biblical and spiritual, that Christians can and need to study, our focus is on six specific courses of systematic theology. Our desire is to teach people how to think by opening their minds to diverse views, learning from history, wrestling with difficult issues, and graciously engaging an increasingly relativistic and postmodern world. Mission: Renewing minds and changing lives by purposefully guiding people through a study of historic and biblical Christian theology. Goal: Our goal is not so much to teach good theology, as important as this is, but to teach people to think. Duration: 6 Courses. Each course is comprised of 10 sessions approximately an hour long per session. Product Includes: 60 DVDs. 6 Workbooks. What makes The Theology Program different?

  1. Intensity of studies
  2. Irenic Theology (done peaceably, accurately representing all views)
  3. Intentional Program Design
  4. Comprehensive Coverage of Issues
  5. Theology done in Community

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Michael Patton, Rhome Dyck


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