Introduction to The Theology Program

Introduction to the Theology Program (Session 1)


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This inaugural session covers the purpose and approach to teaching theology that is particular to The Theology Program. You’ll learn how critical it is to approach the study of theology (the queen of the sciences) with an open yet studious mind.

Types of Students

Practical Pricilla: You are a person who has never seen the practicality in deep theological study. You are here to see if we can change your mind.

Scared Susan: Big words scare you. You don’t really think that you are smart enough to be here. You are here this time, but you may not be here the next.

Know-it-all Nick: You already know everything. You are just here to see if we do—and to pick up where we leave off.

Fundamental Fred: You are the God-ordained guardian of orthodoxy. You are here to sit, with arms crossed, and protect.

Want-an-answer Will: You have a lot of questions. You are here not to do theology in community, but to write theology down with a pen and paper.

Traditionalist Teri: You want to learn, but your traditions and preconceived notions bind you. You are here to have your traditions confirmed to be true.

Confrontational Carl: You are not a believer in Christ or the Bible and have no intention of becoming one. You are here to argue.

Struggling Sam: You are a believer in Christ, but you have a lot of doubts and struggles. You have never had a safe place to express those doubts. You are here to see if this is the place.

Curious Carla: You are not really sure why you are here, but you’re excited to find out.

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Individual Lecture


Michael Patton, Rhome Dyck


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