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Church History is usually not taught in local churches throughout the world. It’s typically communicated in a boring way or tries to cover too much ground. So most Christians don’t know where we’ve come from…without knowing our past we don’t have the roots of all the great triumphs, failures, heroes and villains.

Without the roots of Church History we stand like a tall tree ready to tip over when the storms of life roll in. Church History is simply the story of those who have passionately loved Jesus before us. Locking arms with our past will equip us to walk more humbly, be more courageous and truly make a difference.

This is the first major small-group study covering all 2,000 years in just 4 short practical sessions.

Four Sessions Include:

Session #1: Early Church (70-529AD)

Session #2: Medieval Church (529-1516AD)

Session #3: Reformation Church (1516-1650AD)

Session #4: Modern Church (1516-1650AD)

This Workbook is meant to accompany the DVD.

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