PowerPoint: Humanity & Sin


This course is a study of the nature of humanity and sin. We will look at the nature of humanity from a biblical perspective by examining the pre-fall and post-fall state of man. We will see how these issues were dealt with from a historical perspective by spending much time on the debate between St. Augustine and Pelagius. Attempt will be made to understand the implications of man being created in the image of God. Debates about the origin and nature of sin will be examined by asking questions such as: What is sin? Where did it begin? Why did God allow it? Are there different types of sin?

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This is the PowerPoint Digital Download allowing you to teach through all of Humanity & Sin! Use your gift of teaching, make it your own, pay forward the joy of learning about these super-important ideas.

Course Objectives:

  1. The student will struggle with the question, “Why did God create man?”
  2. The student will gain knowledge of the different theories concerning human constitution.
  3. The student will have a greater understanding of what it means to be created in the image of God.
  4. The student will learn what affect the fall had on the mind of man as well as his moral, social, and volitional abilities.
  5. The student will gain an appreciation of human dignity by learning that while man is not what he was supposed to be, yet he still retains great dignity by reflecting the glory of God.

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