PowerPoint: Soteriology


This course is a study of the nature of salvation and growth in Christ. It will focus on the process and responsibilities of salvation from the standpoint of God and man by studying what the Scriptures say and by looking for input from the history of the church. We will study the pivotal doctrine of justification that was the central issue of the Reformation. Much time will be spent attempting to understand the ongoing debate between God’s sovereignty in salvation and man responsibility. We will also look at what it means to grow in Christ-likeness.

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This is the PowerPoint Digital Download allowing you to teach through all of Soteriology! Use your gift of teaching, make it your own, pay forward the joy of learning about these super-important ideas.

Course Objectives:

  1. The student will come to know that the doctrine of salvation encompasses everything from predestination to glorification.
  2. The student will gain knowledge of the different views of predestination.
  3. The student will have a greater understanding of the various theories of the atonement held throughout the history of the Church, especially of the vicarious substitutionary view.
  4. The student will understand the different views of justification, by appreciating the Churches struggle during the time of the Reformation to answer the question, “How is a person justified before God?”
  5. The student will learn that salvation is a definite act and an ongoing process called sanctification.
  6. The student will learn the various theories concerning those who have never heard the Gospel.

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