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Who is God? Better yet, what is God? Can we know for certain He exists? If so, how? How can God be one yet three? How can Christ be both God and man? This course is a study of the nature, existence, and attributes of our Trinitarian God. We will examine the biblical evidence and historical development of our understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity, person of Christ (Christology), and the person of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology). Particular attention will be focused on worldview analysis to answer the question “What is God?” before we can approach the question “Who is God?” We will also learn and evaluate the common arguments for the existence of God that philosophers and theologians have put forth over the centuries. A defense of the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity will be made, as well as one for a belief in the full humanity and full deity of Christ.

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This is the PowerPoint Digital Download allowing you to teach through all of Bibliology & Hermeneutics! Use your gift of teaching, make it your own, pay forward the joy of learning about these super-important ideas.

Course Objectives:

  1. The student will come to know God more fully and more truly.
  2. The student will become familiar with the various worldviews that exist, understanding that everyone lives according to a certain perspective produced by their worldview, but that more often than not these worldviews are inconsistent in their details.
  3. The student will learn the main arguments for the existence of God.
  4. The student will understand the historical development that early Christians went through trying to understand the doctrine of the Trinity.
  5. The student will have a greater understanding and appreciation for the relationship of the two natures of Christ.
  6. The student will learn the importance of the creeds of Nicea and Chalcedon.
  7. The student will learn about the current issues of evangelicalism relating to the attributes of God such as the Openness debate.

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