PowerPoint: Bibliology & Hermeneutics


This 10-session course focuses on the authority, nature, and interpretation (hermeneutics) of the Scriptures. We will compare the various Christian traditions’ views of authority, examining the Reformation principle of Sola Scriptura. We focus on its transmission and canonization. We will also ask tough questions concerning the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture. We will then look at how the Church has interpreted the Scriptures throughout history, ending our time by looking at current trends in Evangelical hermeneutics.

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This is the PowerPoint Digital Download allowing you to teach through all of Bibliology & Hermeneutics! Use your gift of teaching, make it your own, pay forward the joy of learning about these super-important ideas.

Course Objectives:

  • The student will understand the vital difference between the Protestant and Roman Catholic views of authority.
  • The student will learn why we believe the Bible today essentially is the same as when it was originally written.
  • The student will learn why we believe that the Bible today has the right books.
  • The student will learn the different views of inspiration and inerrancy.
  • The student will understand why we believe the Scriptures alone are the inspired word of God.
  • The student will learn about historical-grammatical-literary hermeneutics.

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